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Choiceness Green Natural Resources


Ran jie food - vegetarian start, in order to revitalize the vegetarian!

Yuba Series: Yuba, beans, and tendons, Douhua, bean thread, beans, shrimp, beans intestine, prime steak, vegetarian chicken wings, vegetarian         conch, vegetarian meat section,

                  Su breast of chicken, vegetarian diced meat, vegetarian dishes, dry skinned, yuba belt, artificial meat ......
Noodle products: beef tendon noodles (thick, strip, wire), noodles (thick, strip, wire), cooked noodles (thick, strip, wire), and corn noodles (thick, strip, wire),

                  With a trap noodles, Long Xumian, noodles (thick, strip, wire )......

Peanut products: spicy peanut, drunkard peanuts, spiced peanuts, peanut butter ......
Cake Series: chicken cakes, tart, bread ......

   Yuba series of products products taste good, high protein, low fat, pure natural
    Noodle product line of high gluten flour made Road, pure natural without any additives
    Peanut series products the traditional formula, advanced technology, spicy delicious, unique taste
    Products series of high-quality cake ingredients, strict production, products, fresh, fragrant, tender, smooth, soft




The Declaration of the Earth - you become a vegetarian Web site:

CCTV = 1 Healthy Way

SOS to include environmental ask you a vegetarian

Ran Jie Food - named in the natural world, big natural, meaning natural

order of nature as the boundary, pure green food!


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